Turning I Can’t Into I Can

In The ADHD Success Club for this week, Dana’s homework involved paying attention to what I can’t do with ADHD no matter how hard I try. Really?!!??!! How can success mean focusing on what I am [...]

What do YOU struggle with?

In the next few weeks I’ll be shooting some videos with my best success tips gleaned from 19 years of coaching adults with ADHD. But instead of creating videos about WHAT I WANT you to know, I’d [...]

The ADHD Perfectionism Trap

The vicious ADHD perfectionism trap ambushes many of my ADHD coaching clients. Attempting unrealistic perfection lures these ADHD adults into devoting too much time to projects, hence leaving the [...]

Quick Clutter Clearing Fixes for ADHD?

Living successfully mentally and physically with ADHD goes hand-in-hand.effort. Of course, this is counter-intuitive to the way most people with ADHD think. We want quick clutter clearing [...]

A Magical ADHD Clutter Clearing Trick

Here’s a treat! A magical ADHD clutter clearing trick. It’s one of my favorites. You long-time ADHD Success readers may remember this one from 2011. But, it’s a goody and worth repeating. First, [...]

Maya Discovers ADHD Clutter Awareness

Maya is building ADHD clutter awareness this week after Module #7 of the ADHD Success Club dug into where clutter comes from and what to do about it. Read on for Maya’s thoughts: Amazingly, the [...]

Winning the ADHD Mental Fog Battle

Maya, our ADHD Success Club guest blogger, has been struggling with ADHD mental fog. Good thing the Success Club focused on boosting brain functioning this week. Here are Maya’s observations and [...]

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