What to Expect from ADHD Medication

If you don’t know what to expect from ADHD medication join the crowd. It’s a common question. One I hear kind of often from my private and ADHD Success Club clients. Many people aren’t clear [...]

Is Acting ADHD Really So Bad?

My Favorite Husband has a saying he uses when I’m being scattered or impulsive. He gently puts his hand on my shoulder and calmly says, “Dana, you’re acting ADHD right now.” For years, after [...]

Maya Struggles with ADHD Success

Maya, our guest blogger, struggles with ADHD Success this week. I long for magic wands. Sadly, they don’t exist. Living easier with ADHD takes awareness, skills, patience, and baby steps. [...]

2 Terrific Tools to Boost ADHD Focus

Let’s continue our look at controlling ADHD distractions with a look at two terrific tools to boost ADHD focus. Audio tracks I use daily to be more productive and help me get started on tasks or [...]