Can’t Get Anything Done with ADHD?

Can’t get anything done with ADHD? You must be lazy right? WRONG!! When you have ADHD there are a few reasons you can’t get anything done. Usually, laziness isn’t one of them. What’s [...]

The ADHD Stimulation Lever

Last week in the morning Success Club (my group ADHD coaching program) I taught the group an essential ADHD Success skill. I call it the ADHD Stimulation Lever. Here’s Maya’s report on the [...]

Time Chunks Provide ADHD Structure

ADHD adults need structure to focus. Time chunks build structure in unstructured lives. Maya is struggling with time chunks. I’m not surprised. As a teacher, she has structure imposed upon much [...]

Getting Clear on Priorities

Maya’s clarity on her priorities is fantastic! Makes my heart sing. Not knowing what to work on when is a major block for ADHD coaching clients. It’s also a step many resist putting into place. [...]

Dehydration and ADHD Symptoms

Did you know that there’s a strong connection between dehydration and ADHD symptoms? That’s right. Drinking water is an easy, natural way of managing ADHD. Hydration research by the [...]