Make Peace with ADHD Sleep Challenges

In the ADHD Success Club we spend lots of time focused on ADHD sleep challenges. I often work with my private clients on sleep, too. We dig into the five parts of sleep that make ADHD adults [...]

Meal Planning Hacks

My brain is only attracted to the novel and non-practical hacks like pushing a straw through a strawberry to remove the stem, creating a speaker for an iPhone with paper towel roll and cups,  or [...]

How To Cure ADHD

“Can you help me?,” Andy pleaded in his email. “I want to know how to cure ADHD?” Getting emails like this makes me very sad. Because, if your goal is to cure your ADHD, [...]

The Brain Gut Connection

There is a connection between ADHD symptoms and gut health. That’s why I cover it in the ADHD Success Club. Eating a healthy, ADHD-friendly diet as well as gut healthy fermented foods will make [...]

Tackling Email Clutter

A part of me thinks that the picture speaks for itself and no blog post is needed; however, that’s the ADHD brain, the one that hyperfocused and plowed through email all at once. When I have the [...]

ADHD Structures

I hope you enjoy Maya’s take on the Seven Essential ADHD structures. I am so pleased with her awareness. This is why I do what I do. To help ADHD adults change from the inside out. Good stuff! [...]

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